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Welcome to A&C Solicitors

We are a specialist in all areas of immigration law. We provide the public with friendly, honest and accurate legal advice. All our clients receive legal advice that they can depend on with the added assurance that the person handling their case has the expertise to make sure their case is in good hands. We offer our clients confidentiality, commitment and promise to deal with your matter with professionalism and integrity. Our Immigration Law Firm specializes in preparing applications for all immigration matters, work permits, study permits and visitation. The applications we prepare for you involve more than just completing forms and collecting supporting documents. Our immigration applications are customized for your own unique case and presented to give you the best chance of approval.

Other Legal Services


We also handle every crime related issues.


We are also skilled in family and employment matters.


All housing issues are handled by our professionals.


We can guide you in any matter or issues arising with local housing authorities, housing applications, tenants, landlords, ownership, possession proceedings, housing disrepair and many more.


We deal with all matters relating to crime. Do you have any criminal matters pending before the court? Have you been arrested by police or charged to court? We can assist in this matters.

Family and Employment

We also draft compromise agreement for employers and provide advice on compromise agreement for employees and our family matters are handled with skilled professionals.