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A&C Solicitors can help you with the necessary paperwork that will be needed to ensure that your application meets the Immigration requirements. We provide specialist advice and representation on all aspects of your proposed application. Our advisers and Solicitors are experienced Immigration representatives who are qualified to the highest level with the Solicitors Regulations Authority . As such we can provide a comprehensive service that is second to none that includes advocacy before Asylum & Immigration Tribunals.

If you want your proposed application to be dealt with by one representative throughout the whole process then you should speak to us.

If you complete our advice assement form then we will contact you to discuss what your options are and how we can help. Remember. We are an experienced firm of Immigraton Solicitors providing cost effective immigration solutions for all our clients. If you need good advice on any immigration related matter then we would be happy to arrange either a telephone consultation, email consultation or a one to one consultation at one of our offices.

A person may be given the right to claim asylum in the UK if the authorities decide they come under refugee status. A refugee is defined as someone who has fled their country because of a well founded fear of persecution because of his or her nationality, race or ethnic origin, political opinion, religion or social group. An asylum seeker must claim asylum as soon as possible on entering the UK. If you do not then you may be denied welfare support and accommodation and can damages your chances of being approved. f your asylum application has been refused you may be give the right to appeal. We can represent you in this appeal.

AandC Solicitors has particular expertise in Immigration, Nationality and Human Rights law.

Your Appeal

The appeal form must be done in English and must state all of the grounds you intend to reply on, you may need to get help on completing the application form especially on any points of law and Human Rights issues. Unfortunately once you have lodged your application to appeal it may well take a few months before you get a hearing date from the Court Services.

You will always have a better chance if you instruct legal representatives who are competent and experienced such as us. There are a number of steps that can be taken to fight a refusal; we may be able to turn your case around.